Serving the Rotarian Community for the Responsible Advancement of Diagnostic Imaging and Medical Informatics in Underserved Communities Throughout the World

The Need

The World Health Organization estimates that two thirds of the world's population does not have access to primary care diagnostic imaginf. Sixty per cent of all diagnoses requires X-ray. New digital technology now makes it possible to improve image quality,electronically archive and retrieve medical images and transmit them to kcak radiology groups or world wide for teleconsultation.

Our Mission

To sustainably advance the use of Primary Care Diagnostic Imaging and Medical Informatics to improve medical outcomes of underserved communities in the developing world through working in cooperation with Rotary clubs, districts, and other collaborators and advisors.

Our Vision

To use best practices in community outreach to bring life sustaining Primary Care Diagnostic Imaging to the poor, under-severed communities with limited access to care.

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